derive phantom


Coming from a musical experience of a night mixing crust punk, noise and improvised rap, the duo Derive Phantom was constituted on a single consuming obsession, the will to produce pop music. It is in this sense that the tandem will improvise in 2015, a home studio in the cellar of former industrial offices now collectivized.

Inspired by the powerfull lyrics of what we could call “Chanson à texte”, influenced by electronic music, techno, ambiant, noise, Rap and Trap, it is from 2016 that the band begins to submit to the internets its audio experiences in form of EP's as neurotic as sluggish; without striving to establish a semblance of definitive style.

Three free lunatic and often desperate projects have appeared since.
A fourth is already cooking in the basement, and some live acts seems to be in preparation.

Freitag, 6. Juli